Mehdia City Revise Payment Schedule

Announcement regarding legal proceedings

Respected Clients of Mehdia City

Assalamo Alaikum

Alhamdulillah we are following the routines of Mehdia City project. In the current phase of the project, we have focused on
1) acquiring the land for proposed map of the project and
2) initial development of the infrastructure.
As you brothers and sisters know it very well, managing a housing scheme is not a smooth paved gentle path in Pakistan instead it is full of hurdles and daily challenges. We were aware before hand and we were mentally and institutionally ready for that. Some times back someone tried his luck! for grasping our attractive land and we successfully fought it in the court. As I had informed you, this was the first but will not be the last. Again we are facing cases and this time one of our earlier friends has joined with those trouble makers. Alhamdulillah we have established a very powerful legal team leaded by prominent lawyer Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan Mr Raja Qureshi for these cases.
It is just to inform you that by the grace of Allah subhanahu wa taala:
1) We are fully aware of those negative developments and monitoring it, taking counter measures with full insight of the event.
2) This is a routine in Pakistan which every single person goes through when doing a housing scheme.
3) We have all necessary tools and resources (including documents and proofs) at our disposal for countering those unjustified claims.

Alhamdulillah We have all the reasons to assure you that:
1) By the grace of Allah Mehdia City project is in safe and secure hands and there is no unexpected change in the project.
2) we have all necessary will, commitment, strength and spiritual protection to follow the project.
3) We have, are facing and will face hurdles in this project but nothing has nor will ever, reduce from our commitment and inspiration.

In my personal opinion I am nothing but sure that insha Allah partially with our humble efforts and mainly due to special duas of our Imam (as), we will accomplish this task in the best possible manners.

Dear brothers and sisters once again assuring you, I Ali Murtaza Zaidi have taken this project in the name of our Imam with the sole intention of presenting it to Him on His awaited reappearance. I am custodian of our money and much more than it, your trust and faith. Be assure I would not like to live without it and be assure I will use what ever I have and I will have to keep your trust and faith intact.

May Allah accept our efforts for this noble cause.


A M Zaidi

Contact Details of Adv. Raja Qureshi

Senior Advocate Supreme Court Of Pakistan
Abdul Hayee Kureshi & Co.
Advocate and Legal Consultents
Ph (off) : +92-21-34550635 & 34553186 & 34554367
Cell #: 0321-2426302
Address (off) : B-6, Block A, Street # 3, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society, Khi

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