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Announcement ! By the blessing of Allah, we have been moving towards our objectives. Alhamdulillha, On 19 Jan 2016 we have awarded the tender of Mehdia City Gate Office to GWM Constructor.logo-800px-pvtAnnouncement ! Mehdia City is selling their some remaining plots in Block A-1, A-2 and A-3.

Announcement: “With all of your trust, Mehdia City is going to start his own Project Based Dairy Farm. Alhamdulillah we have awarded the Dairy Farm tender and Civil work has started”.

Mehdia City & Hadi Builders

In today’s fast paced society when Pakistan is inflicted with socialunrest, economic crises and pollution, every sane person is looking for a place to live which provides peace of mind, intellectual wellbeing and clean atmosphere – a neighborhood that is ideal for the religious and mental grooming of its inhabitants. Mehdia City is one such place, planned and developed under the guidance of religious scholars, in addition to modern housing facilities and a healthy environment, we will provide you physical and spiritual training.

MEHDIA CITY is a project of HADI Builders & Developers (HB&D).HB&D is a construction company with a forward thinking and committed to the highest level of services. This project of HB&D is going under ownership & supervision of Maulana Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi. This project is marketed by Al-Qaim Associates and Developers.


  • To establish an ideal shia community
  • To provide best religious environment
  • To offer modern living facilities
  • To utilize untapped community resources
  • To present excellent social welfare example
  • To provide decent living at economical rates
  • To set an example for all shia communities in Pakistan


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